Rationale of the AIIKS

After decades of colonialism, Africans are now beginning to question the effectiveness of inherited  foreign languages, western development strategies including governance mechanisms, to generate much needed sustainable development, especially poverty eradication in the continent. Moreover, Africa lacks a continental platform to coordinate and promote its rich history of African indigenous science, technology and innovation for the Africa We Want (AU Agenda 2063). AIIKS will be a strategic continental tool in social and educational transformation by advancing a paradigm shift in knowledge production, utilization and sharing to develop, preserve, protect and promote African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS), as knowledge and science systems on their own merit, within and outside the continent.

As part of this new paradigm shift the AIIKS model will ensure the following:

The AIIKS realizes that the restoration and promotion of IKS as a sustainable development tool in the continent is facing the following main challenges:

The AIIKS will specifically develop initiatives to address the needs for: