The Institute shall have strategies to ensure both financial sustainability and continued relevance of AIKS. There shall be a business plan showing different types of income streams and other resource mobilization strategies. Both internal and external resources will be leveraged in the various fund raising initiatives. Internally the Institute will conduct short courses for the dual purpose of capacity building and fund raising. Funds will also be raised through research grants and consultancy projects. 5 Additional income will be obtained from commercialization of innovative research outputs and other conversions of Intellectual Properties (IPs). The main objective of AIIKS is to ensure continued IKS relevance and impact by developing, preserving, protecting and promoting IKS, as a knowledge and science system, on its own merit, to contribute to national, continental and international transformation imperatives for sustainable development. The Institute will implement initiatives for human capital development to create a critical mass of people well versed in IKS, as well as form strategic partnerships for continued support and advocacy, to ensure that IKS is embedded in many community endeavours for sustainable development.